Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.
— Victor Hugo

Your support enables me to create and curate resource across four areas.

The Guide to Human Organisations

After years of fielding questions on how to humanise the system, I started collating some answers in one place. This means anyone, whatever their position or context, can follow a personal learning journey, build some momentum with colleagues or make some progress without having to pay for a consultant first.

The Great Rewilding Podcast

I shall record some thoughts of my own alongside conversations with individuals and groups willing to engage authentically and vulnerably. I intend to celebrate what’s going on in the margins, give a voice to meaningful stories and connect the dots to visualise the larger narrative at work across all the social spheres.


Huge numbers of people are in need of community and support; workers and leaders alike. Teylu provides an intentional space to find authentic dialogue, build relationships and connect like a human being. System change is only possible if we see ourselves as active citizens and strengthen our understanding of the other.

Human Stories At Work

It is our stories that tell the truth about life at work. Where working norms have gone wrong or where we hope to go. I hear them all the time and am often moved by their honesty and power. So I created a place where people could choose to share them. Fuelling change, one story at a time.