Relationships change us, reveal us, evoke more from us. Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves.
— Margaret Wheatley & Myron Kellner-Rogers


I come from a long line of farmers, clergy and entrepreneurs. And a love for nature, people and enterprise remain at the core of family life.

My parents were investors and pioneers in the current social impact and “business as a force for good” movement. Watching people live with purpose was a compelling start. I learned young that the nature of my work really mattered; that the job of restoring business was neither easy nor free from imperfect choices; and that the system was mostly characterised by good people who felt trapped in an opposing cultural paradigm.

I have spent a lifetime around meaningful conversations of change, including:

  • Executives wanting to reimagine their roles and workplaces

  • Managers hoping to build holistically impactful and successful teams

  • Landed wealth & family offices exploring spirituality and stewardship

  • Public figures needing support with no agenda

  • Change movements needing to broaden their network

In 2005, I married my Beth. We have four children: Frederick, Charles, Wilbur and Felicity. I live in Harpenden (Herts), work in London, and spend as much time as possible in Cornwall, where my parents have a farm.

Whilst I love historic townscapes, I am at my most peaceful and uplifted anywhere that nature dominates the environment: my company name - Shoremount - is a portmanteau of “seashore” and “mountain”.


The future belongs to organisations that will embrace being a more responsive, human, “force for good”. My work helps companies rise to this challenge and opportunity.

I am the owner of Shoremount, a consulting firm that seeks to restore joy, meaning and freedom to every workplace. Shoremount is a Founding UK B Corp, now a $56Bn/yr “business as a force for good” movement, and was awarded “Changemaker Honoree” in the B Corp “Best for The World Lists”.

I am the author of The Guide to Human Organisations.

I am the Founder of Human Stories at Work; a place to engage with the ultimate cultural barometer: storytelling.

I am the Founder of Teylu; a conversation format and network using the power of peer-to-peer small groups to cultivate community and pursue a common purpose.

I am Senior Advisor to Blueprint for Better Business, helping corporates and institutions prosper whilst better serving society.

I sit on the Investment Committee for Resonance’s pioneering, social impact real estate funds. We have raised and invested £200M to house vulnerable people and families, winning awards across the mainstream and sustainable finance arenas.

Prior to Shoremount, I was in real estate and corporate finance. I hold an MA from CASS Business School and a BA (Hons) from Nottingham University.